Taking care of the emotional bank


By Acarya Vimaleshananda Avadhuta

Let us start from one consideration: human beings are emotional beings. If we take out the emotions from our life, which sometimes happens unfortunately, we become … computers.

Second important consideration is that emotions should not be suppressed otherwise we get sick. But .. we cannot also be so foolish to let them run unchecked. So let us start considering how to manage the emotional body and how to create an emotional bank.

Emotional Body – It is not really a BODY. It is a complex system based on interrelations and triggers that get activated once we are in contact with the world. Sometimes we feel happy, sometimes we feel sad, sometimes we feel angry and according to the situation or circumstances the world changes and becomes heaven or hell and all the shades in between. Are you familiar with the ups and down of life?

Yes. We may do meditation, yoga, controlling the diet and all kind of austerities but the emotional body cannot be suspended like a balloon in the air. We have to learn how to capitalize on our emotions and not how to deny them.

Suppose that you are related with a person who every time you see you become uneasy or uncomfortable. What are the options that are available for dealing with this recurrent situation:

  1. Avoidance. Limit the possibility to see or encounter the person. So sad solution. It does not bring any capital to our emotional bank.
  2. Physical or verbal fight. By letting our emotions run from the mental to the physical we normally loose energy, composure and eventually we get defeated.
  3. Camouflage. We can fake our emotions by presenting a face different from what is running inside. Many people are masters in the art of hiding emotions. Normally it does not help in the long run. The distortion between what we present outside and what is inside is actually a mental disease that causes more problems than solutions.
  4. Acceptance. Like learning how to drive a car or ride a horse we can learn how to drive an emotion or ride on it. We capitalize on its energy and learn how to transmute it in something positive. The key is to stay with the emotion like an old friend an hold on. It require mental strength. What is mental strength?

The capacity to live in the present is mental strength. Every time we meet somebody is a new encounter. Even if it is a person we know very well or we are related to, still it is a new moment of our life that does not necessarily follow an established pattern of behavior. The love and respect we nurture inside should not be tarnished in any form by memories or projections. Living in the present is like holding a beautiful flower and shielding it by external harmful forces. That flower is our mind. Living in the present is a matter of mental purity.

The is an old story about two monks crossing a river. One one side there is a lady asking for help. One of the monks don’t hesitate to lift her in his arms and carry to the other side. The other monk remain bewildered and considers his fellow brother having committed a big sin. Once on the other side of the river they continue walking and the monk who didn’t do service question the other about the purity of his action. The second monk is bound to reply that there is no sin in doing service while the person who sin is the one who carries in its mind the idea of sin.

Purity of mind is achieved through selfless service. There is no better tool. Once the mind is pure meditation make it perfect. This is always good to remember on the Path of Bliss or Ananda Marga. Service to humanity is service to God. Service is not inferior or superior to meditation … it is just complementary.

In dealing with health many people get concerned with diet as a medicine. True diet can cure. Like any machine the human body needs food to function. Proper food means proper functioning. But physical health is not the only aspect of health. I would consider at least four aspects of health:

  1. Physical Health
  2. Mental Health
  3. Emotional Health
  4. Spiritual Health

Of course all these aspects are related but they are also distinct:

Let us start from the last which is Spiritual Health. It means an undivided mind pointed towards the Supreme. One God and One Goal. One and the same. This I consider as Spiritual Health and its value is paramount.

Emotional health is the capacity to flow our emotions undisturbed . It requires undivided or ever expanding love. It is the joy that holds the mind together in spite of circumstances. The capacity to endure pain. The eternal smile from inside.

Mental Health is a rationale mind able to function in its basics which are the process of thinking and recollection. If the process of thinking is distorted the mind is also distorted. Restoring Mental Health is a very delicate process which require a proper environment. Best environment is a natural environment. Forests, lake, ocean, river, mountain are good natural environments and allow the mind to rest.

Physical Health is a body able to keep up with the mental flow. If the body start to slow down and the mind wishes to accelerate than it is wise to SLOW DOWN the mind. Take many deep breaths and let your ambitions wait for a while. You don’t need a doctor to do that. Just breathe. Take a glass of water. Listen to a good music and … sleep.

Let your love be always shine to all the world.