We care for Humanity Conference at UNO


United Nation. New York on August 17,2016 Participating in We care for humanity. Discussion On Human right, peace, education , heath care etc.


The people of some countries have dark skin, tall bodies, black irises, black hair, thick lips and flat noses, while the people of other countries have a fair complexion, medium height, blue irises and aquiline noses. There is a remarkable difference, a wonderful diversity, in regard to physiognomy – hair, eyes, skin, nose, lips, etc. – among the inhabitants of the different parts of the world. In fact, this difference between human beings is so staggering that sometimes people are wrongly led to believe that the white people are perhaps superior to the black population, and that the blacks are only a little higher than our animal ancestors on the scale of evolution. As human beings were not able to unravel the mystery of this diversity, they wrongly preached the doctrine of racial supremacy, resulting in hated of their fellow human beings and heartless cruelty, and indulged in savagery and bloody warfare – these were the darkest and the most lamented chapters in human history. Even today in Europe, particularly in Spain and Portugal, and in the USA, South Africa and Rhodesia [now Zimbabwe], one unmistakably notices the curse of this ignorance.

This quote is from one seminal discourse of Shrii P.R. Sarkar titled “Human Society is One and Indivisible which has been published in a small collection called “One Human Society” available at Ananda Marga Publications on the website anandamargabooks.com .

It is so heartwarming to receive and publish those images coming from the United Nations where in the last three days there has been a series of meetings on the themes of Caring for Humanity. Ananda Marga representatives Ac. Iishavarakrsnananda Avt. and Ac. Anudhyanananda Avt. seems to enjoy the venue which has some remarkable impact for human society and for USA.

In one of the images above they are with former Prime Minister of Nepal .