Summer Conference 2023 at Ananda Kanan


Welcome to the Summer Conference at Ananda Kanan, Missouri, from July 2 – 8, 2023!

This year’s theme is Neohumanism – Cosmic Brotherhood, and we will have workshops and classes related to that topic. The conference starts on Sunday afternoon, July 2, and finishes on Saturday morning, July 8.
The organizing committee is working on creating an interesting program with various workshops on different topics, a neohumanistic symposium, seminar classes, daily Akhanda Kiirtana, the 4th of July program in Willow Springs, an outing to the river, Katha Kiirtana, and other interesting programs.

Here is a link to a draft of the schedule:

Please register in the registration form here below. If you have any difficulties with the registration process, please contact the organizing committee – Didi Ananda Acira, Dada Satyamitrananda, Dada Diiptimanananda, and Dada Iishvarakrsnananda. Here is a link to their contact information:

We are planning for various renovations and maintenance work at Ananda Kanan, such as painting the houses, fixing windows, repairing the siding of the houses, etc. If you would like to contribute, please see the PayPal link below. You can also send donations to Ananda Kanan by Zelle to

PayPal Donations for Ananda Kanan


Yours brotherly,

Ac. Diiptimanananda Avt. (SOS NY Sector)