Autumn Harvest and Detox Programs at Ananda Dhiira WWD Master Unit in California


Ananda Dhiira is a beautiful WWD Master Unit in Penn Valley, California. Didi Ananda Acira is taking care of the Master Unit and grows organic fruits and vegetables, and runs detox programs, women’s programs, yoga and meditation classes, and meditation retreats. Recently, she had detox retreats every second week, with groups of two to seven people attending. The participants had nature walks around Ananda Dhiira and mud packs by the river. They also do outdoor physical exercises in the beautiful natural environment, have classes and games, and learn yoga and meditation from Didi. This time was harvesting time, and Didi had a bountiful harvest of grapes, figs, plums, pumpkin, salad, tomatoes, and other vegetables and fruits. The participants were enjoying all those organic homegrown fruits and vegetables and meditating in the tranquil environment of Ananda Dhiira.

Sister Svasti by the South Yuba River, a few minutes walk from Ananda Dhiira


Three days Detox Retreat, at Ananda Dhiira MU on Sept 7 – 9, benefited seven people. This time, the participants spent more time walking in nature around the Master Unit, doing mud packs in the river, and doing breathing exercises in the refreshing natural air. They also did juice fasting, classes, and fun games. It was a very inspiring program for everyone.

Steam bath and infrared sauna
Taking the fresh morning air
Meditation at Ananda Dhiira
Organic apples from Ananda Dhiira

Five days Detox Camp in Ananda Dhiira (Sept 22 – 28) for two people

This time the participants came from far – Akhilesvarii from North Carolina and Anna from Florida. Even only two people, but we had a very good time together, and they enjoyed the program very much. The juices we served were mostly using the fruits and vegetables that we harvested from our garden. This time, we did a lot of Maonavrata (spiritual silence) during the detox program and deep meditation. We also had regular yoga and meditation, hydrotherapy, connecting to nature, and karma yoga.

Green juice during the juice fast
Steam bath and infrared sauna time

Five days Detox Camp in Ananda Dhiira (August 25 – 30) for two people

Sister Svastii from New York and sister Ainjali from Santa Clara joined the detox program. We did the program together, and afterward, sister Svastii feels very inspired, and now she is continuing the lifestyle and doing regular fasting. Didi revised the meditation lessons for Ainjali, and now she feels very inspired.

Seminar and Dharma Cakra at Sacramento, CA.
Sacramento unit with Svasti and Didi Ananda Acira
Didi Harvesting pumpkins