Gurukula Network July 2017 Issue 44 is Now Online

We are happy to announce that the July 2017 issue of Gurukula Network  (issue 44) is now available on line.   The theme of this issue is Education for a New Era. 
The link is here: /issue-44/
Many thanks to Michele Montenegro for all his hard work in making the conversion to electronic form.
Thank you to everyone who sent in their articles, news and photos.  Thank you also to  Didi Ananda Advaeta for the cover design and to Lee Hamilton for her assistance with editing.
This issue has already been printed in full color in Taiwan, thanks to Yun Chin Ko and hard copies have been mailed out.
Please feel free to share the newsletter link with friends and interested persons.
Arete Brim
for Gurukula Network
Issue 44 – July 2017

Educating for a New Era

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Inside cover

Recent Talks

4 – On Neohumanist Economics – by Dada Shambhushivananda
5 – Education for Liberation – by Dada Gunamuktananda
9 – Education for Character Building – by Narendra Raj Purohit

Neohumanist Education Teacher Training

10 – Catching Fire! A Neohumanist Love Story – by Dr. Marcus Bussey
11 – Education Training Camp, West Bengal, India – reported by Didi Anandarama
12 – Masterclass in Neohumanist Philosophy for Education – by Timotheus Rammelt
15 – Philosophy in Action Teacher Training – by Jasmijn Baten
18 – A Tour to Strengthen NHE in our West Africa Schools – by Didi Ananda Gunamaya

Neohumanist Education Methods

22 – Celebrating World Cultures – by Magda Zambet
24 – How to Maximize Learning in an ECE Classroom – by Mahajyoti Glassman

Neohumanist Education Schools, Projects and Events in Focus

25 – New School: AM Neohumanist Academy, Ho, Ghana – by Dada Mahaprajinananda
26 – AM High School, Ananda Nagar, India – STUVOL Programs – reported by Didi Anandarama
27 – Neohumanism in China – by Rutger Tamminga
28 – Five Years at Nile River School – by Didi Anandarama
29 – Yogis Academy, Salorno, Italy – by Christian Franceschini

Courses in Naturopathy

30 – Naturopathic Training: Life Changing Experiences in Maharlika and India – by Divakar Basso

Global News

31 – Hong Kong Sector – Taiwan
32 – Manila Sector – Vietnam
33 – New York Sector – Canada, USA
34 – Berlin Sector – Romania
35 – Georgetown Sector – Brazil
36 – Delhi Sector – India, Sri Lanka

New Book and Announcements

38 – Cooperative Games for a Cooperative World – by Dada Maheshvarananda
39 – Announcements

Back cover

“Humanity is now at the threshold of a new era. We do not want any dogma. The age of dogma is gone. What we want is an idea based on Neohumanism. We are for the entire created world; and not only for human beings or living beings, but for the entire animate and inanimate universe.

Now when you are in a mood of pleasure, just distribute it throughout the universe – let all the hearts of the created universe dance in ecstasy and throb with energy. And this is the gospel of the day: we are for all, we are for the Neohumanistic progress of the entire Cosmos.”

Shrii P.R. Sarkar