New Website – Ananda Marga Meditation


Ananda Marga Meditation is a new website dedicated to propagate the practice of meditation. The initiative have started in New York where there are several beautiful parks which are most conducive for meditation in the natural environment.

On Saturday June 10 2017 we had the first successful gathering at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge near Broad Channel in Queens, New York. The event was attended by six avid yoga and meditation practitioners who carefully selected the best spot and dived into deep meditation.

The wind over the ocean kept the air cool and pleasant. The Wildlife Refuge is dedicated mainly to birds and several visitors bring professional photographic cameras for capturing the best images. In general nobody talks and we can hear only the birds singing and the soft sound of the waves breaking on the sand.

The questions after the practice revealed the intense yearning for spiritual realization. “What is Samadhi?” “Can we travel with the mind?”. “How long can we meditate?” . Everybody enjoyed and decided to renew the invitation for next Saturday at 5 pm same place .