Mama D Feeds The Homeless in Los Angeles


Every Sunday…Rain or shine….we are on the line. And we got this. Nothing but soul sister and service. Love our all girl gang! @mamadfeedsthehomeless @julessorensen @leesherman5‪#‎mamadfeedsthehomeless‬


March 13 2016 – Otis was in our line this morning. He hails from Indiana but life happened and he found himself in a bad way in long beach. He wishes he could work as a carpenter but his type one diabetes keeps him in and out of the hospital. He’s fresh out today. And didn’t have any clean clothes. Thank you for your donated clothes that helped Otis today.


March 6 2016 – Mauricio has been homeless two years because of variations in mental illness. He’s patient, fair and kind but will stand up for himself. He feels blessed to have housing and access to meds. He loves Tinkerbell. “I don’t know…she’s sweet. She’s cute. She’s like really alive.” I will be out of town mid week. But will pick up donations Saturday AM! Get in touch. And thank you so very much to all my friends for all your donations!


March 6 2016 – John is from West Covina. He loves fashion, had me get him some tight jeans, loves to pose for the camera (I have eight other dance poses) and is a fabulous singer. “I love ‪#‎adamlevine‬ and I forgot the other guys name (‪#‎justintimberlake‬ ;)) I just love music” he’s hilarious, full of love and life and will get his SRO for housing in 6 weeks “I can’t wait! I’ve been out here for a year and a half on the street. I used to have a two story with my baby’s mama but we didn’t get along. I just can’t wait to take a bath, cook my own food, sleep in a bed with like sheets! Real sheets!” He thinks he’ll look for work in a warehouse or a restaurant with a permanent address. It’s funny how much we cherish the taste of a home cooked meal and the feel of fresh sheets after we’ve lost everything. Little things we take for granted…and you guessed it. I’m on a mission to bring him brand new sheets next week! Feel free to donate bedding any time. My little Toyota loves being stuffed each week! Get in touch.


“God blesses us every time you come down here Miss Kristen and @nicowander ” my watchdogs today! Patricia and Linda may be chair bound but they have their priceless friendship whilst waiting for housing to lift each other’s spirits. They like to heckle all those not being fair in line for us. I stayed after and gave them both new coats from my secret stash. They were pretty stoked by the looks on Pat’s face. ????Bring it people! My schedule should be open Friday to make city rounds. Would love to see your faces! Love and thank our weekly selfless crew too! @julessorensen @nicowander @squideats missing you @leesherman5 ! And anyone else unable to come today.


Beverly was in our line this morning. She’s been homeless for ten years. Her fiancé was killed while they lived in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and she brought her son out here given the discrimination he faced as a gay man in the South. He died from AIDS three years after. She lives in a hotel on‪#‎skidrow‬ as many do which doesn’t mean anything more than a small often unsanitary room packed with 100s of other residents. She wants to “get it together….do something…..” Soon she thinks. She loves Los Angeles especially the ‪#‎ladodgers‬ underneath this new donated coat she’s top to bottom dodger blue. Thank you again to all of my friends who keep donations rolling in each week! Let’s keep up the momentum. And thank you to my girl gang @julessorensen @squideats @nicowander your love and service means the world. @mamadfeedsthehomeless


Laemon wanted me to make him look strong. I said turn to the side and let’s see then. He insisted on wearing his glasses. His eyes are nice and kind though. He and his friend reminded me of ‪#‎danieletamagni‬ ‘s‪#‎sapeurs‬ as I looked up and saw him clutching one of our donated Valentine’s made by a local school. He’s the only one today who liked the card more than the candy. His wife Lynette died four years ago from kidney failure “her diabetes was too far along…by the time we learned to eat right it was too late.” He’s staying at the Union Mission now. Been homeless four years. He was born in Ontario, CA. He hopes to get a job as a truck driver when he gets a license. So he can sleep in the truck and make it his home. “I like this Valentine it’s nice. ” I asked him if he’s not on drugs than how does he handle living on ‪#‎skidrow‬ ? “When you’re on the right frequency all the bullshit doesn’t matter.” His style and manner match that frequency too. Thank you so much for all of your donations especially the candy cards and fun Valentine’s hearts! Please keep clothing donations coming in!


This is Smoky. The first recipient ever of a Tiny House. She’s from Mississippi. When her husband died she became homeless. That was in 2004. “He took care of me. What else did we know…were taught a husband cares for his wife.” She lives on Figueroa and Jefferson. It makes her feel like she has a home. But she also likes to be able to tent up with her friends on the 42nd Street overpass. Why not right? Id rather be with my friends too. She has to coordinate using the restroom and public washrooms. But she’s mindful of keeping clean. They all take care of one another on this overpass above the 110 but today some tiny homes were removed as well as some tents. Only on this street. The clean ups are a citywide practice. They use sanitation as defense. I see both sides even as an advocate for the homeless but err on the side of hoping today’s City Council meeting will work together with all of us working for the decriminalization of homelessness. Contrary to the belief of some, homelessness isn’t always a choice. Nor is welfare. Mental illness isn’t a choice nor is alcoholism, addiction, PTSD, getting drafted or your husband dying. Smoky is all humanity. She even walked me to my car and gave me a long hug. ‪#‎mamadfeedsthehomeless‬ ‪#‎tinyhouse‬


Solid Sunday crew! (As always) thank you all so much for your unwavering service.