Prabhata Samgiita Day Celebrations, September 14, 2019


RAWA Cultural Program in Brampton, Toronto

The annual Prabhata Samgiita Divas RAWA Cultural Program took place on Saturday, September 14, at the Cyril Clark Library Theatre in Brampton. This year, around 140 people attended the three-hour-long cultural program. The special guest was Mr. Raj Grewal (MP of Brampton East Area.)

The cultural program was diverse with dance, singing, and instrumental performances, as well as short talks and introductions. The dances used the Prabhata Samgiita music composed by Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. This program was celebrating the thirty-seventh anniversary since Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji gave the first Prabhata Samgiita song in Deoghar, India, on September 14, 1982. 

The quality of the various performances was remarkable. The kids did particularly well in singing, playing musical instruments, and dancing. The invited professional musicians performed in a real devotional mood, and that touched most of the audience deeply, and the Margii brothers and sisters sang amazingly well.

Ácarya Iishvarakrs’n’ánanda Avadhúta gave a speech emphasizing the need for a real human society based on the values of neohumanism. Mr. Raj Grewal expressed his gratitude for being invited to our unique devotional program.


Chándasik Cultural Program in Sterling Virginia

Chándasik Cultural Program was organized on the occasion of Prabhata Samgiita Day by brother Sandeep Khanuja in Sterling, Virginia. More than eighty people attended. Numbers of performers, dance teachers, and music and dance students participated in the program. Acarya Shankarananda Avadhuta and Ac. Anudhyanananda Avt. participated in the program. Brother Sandeep Khanuja invited Dada Shankarananda to inspire the gathering. Dada has expressed his view in the light of RAWA, Prabhata Samgiita, and the contribution of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. Sister Bhagwanti assisted in coordinating the program and all Margiis of the area.