Seminar in New York and around New York Sector

The Seminar system has been implemented all over New York Sector and this time after the Central Training in Ananda Nagar was over we arranged training for the WTs of NY sector in two places, one on the East Coast and other on the West of USA.
In January and February we have taken target for seminar in eighteen places around the Sector. Out of those, 11 places were covered in January and February 2018 (New York, Boston, Dallas, Asheville, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Los Altos Hills, Toronto, Ottawa, Monterrey, Guatemala City, San Salvador City.) All the places the numbers of Margiis and sympathizers participated in the programs and seminar was so successful. All Margiis felt the strength of the structure and closer with the philosophy of Baba. All Margii are appreciating the seminar system.
The first seminar on the East Coast took place at New York Sectorial Office in January 19 – 21, 2018 with participation of WTs and local Margiis. On the second day of seminar the Ananda Marga marriage ceremony of brother Ramana and sister Lyubov took place with presence of all New York Margiis and new Margiis from the newly established Brooklyn unit. The first seminar on the West Coast of USA was organized in Los Angeles on February 11 with participation of Los Angeles and Phoenix Margiis.