Yoga Detox Retreats in California and New York


Yoga and wellness have gained popularity in recent years in the US and around the Globe. Ac. Dharmavedananda Avt., Avtk. Ananda Acira Ac. Avtk. Ananda Hitaprabha Ac. and Ac. Abhiramananda avt. organized detox programs at Los Altos Hills Jagrti, in Los Angeles, and in New York Sectorial Office.

A Yoga Detox Program was organized on July 20 and 21 at Los Altos Hills Jagrti. More than 25 people were benefitted during the program. When people were going home, they were full of devotion and enthusiasm. They felt it was a very good program.

After that, a detox program was organized in Los Angeles by Brothers Gagan and Aman, who are active sympathizers of Ananda Marga. They have taken the lead in their city to welcome Ananda Marga and introduce, yoga, wellness, and detox. The program was conducted for three days, and more than thirty people participated. Dada Dharmavedananda, Didi Ananda Hitaprabha, Didi Ananda Acira, Dada Abhiramananda, Dada Muktatmananda, and Dada Pramoditananda all participated in the program. The family of Aman and Gagan and their relatives were so inspired and five people took initiation. They promised to organize every year a detox program in their home.

Ac. Diiptimanananda Avt., Ac. Dharmavedananda Avt., and Ac. Kovid Brc. organized a Yoga Detox program at the New York Sectorial Office on August 9 – 11, 2019. The program was very successful with the participation of 15 Margiis and sympathizers. 


Three-day Yoga Detox Program at the home of brothers Aman and Gagan Batta in Los Angeles

Yoga Detox in Flushing, New York Sectorial Office

Graduation meal from the detox program. Tasty healthy food after two days of juice fasting

Yoga Detox Retreat at Los Altos Hills Jagrti in California

Kiirtana during the Yoga Detox in New York Sectorial Office. Meditation and yoga is an important part of all Ananda Marga yoga detox programs.

Didi Ananda Acira leading yoga and meditation in Los Angeles during the yoga detox camp.

Dada Dharmavedananda explaining the principles of healthy and tasty detox food preparation before cooking the graduation meal during the camp in Los Angeles.